When most people think about moving, they have an image in their head of cardboard boxes filled with all sorts of items and muscular men carrying around heavy furniture. Some people choose to rent a truck and do all the work themselves, while others hire professional movers for help. Choosing the right option comes down to price versus work.

A moving company is a business that specializes in the transport of household goods for compensation. Moving companies typically have a fleet of trucks, trailers and containers in different sizes and capacities that can accommodate various moves. They also have a workforce that is experienced in loading and unloading these vehicles for customers.

In addition to transporting and relocating household goods, moving companies also offer storage solutions. If you’re moving to a new home and need temporary storage, the company can provide portable storage containers that are delivered to your property for safekeeping. If you’re moving to a permanent location, movers can disassemble furniture and pack it for you before transporting it. They can then reassemble it at your destination, and they can also connect and reconnect appliances and home entertainment systems.

Moving companies are required to carry insurance for the protection of their employees and customers’ belongings. In some states, like New York, they’re also required to register with the Department of Transportation and carry an authority to transport household goods license. If you’re looking for a mover, check online reviews and ratings to ensure they meet these requirements.

Many moving companies require their employees to undergo training before they start working. This can include a week or more of classroom instruction and hands-on experience with packing boxes and maneuvering large pieces of furniture. You can often tell whether a moving company has properly trained its staff by reading online reviews and talking to customer service representatives.

Some moving companies may also have specialties that set them apart from their competitors. For example, Allied Van Lines offers storage solutions in addition to transporting and relocating households. They also offer portable storage units that can be stored on the curb or in front of a building for easy access and loading. They can also disconnect and reconnect utilities and connect them at the new destination for a seamless transition.

Other companies, such as PODS, offer moving containers that can be left outside of a home for a few days until you’re ready to have them moved in. This is especially useful if you’re moving to a new city and need a little extra time to find the right place for your things.