Paver patios are a gorgeous and unique addition to your home or business. They provide a great way to add style and personality while also increasing your curb appeal. Pavers are strong and durable, but like any other paved surface they must be properly cared for in order to last for the long haul.

Cold weather and freezing temperatures can do a number on your paved surfaces if not properly protected. Simple year-round pavement maintenance tasks can help protect your paving from damage and save you the cost of expensive repairs later on. Here are a few tips for protecting your paving from cold weather:

Remove Snow

A good sweeping and cleaning is important for every paved surface, but it’s especially vital when it comes to preparing paver patios and walkways for winter. Regular sweeping helps prevent dirt and gravel from being pushed into the cracks in your paving, where it can eat away at the concrete or asphalt beneath it. It also ensures that corrosive salt and deicing chemicals won’t be left on the paving all winter to eat away at the concrete and cause damage.

If you must use a snowplow on your paver installation, it is essential to have the proper equipment for doing so. It is best to use a plastic snowplow rather than a metal one, as the latter can scratch and gouge the paving. It is also a good idea to have a snowblower that has shoes that will protect paving from cold weather the wheels from the paving and other hardscape materials.

Seal Your Pavement

Having your paving sealed is another great form of maintenance that can help to protect it from the elements and wear and tear from vehicles throughout the year. It is best to do this prior to winter weather so that the pavement can dry completely.

Don’t Over Deice

Using too much deicing product, particularly rock salt, can damage and erode your paving. Always follow the directions of the deicing product you use to ensure that you are not over applying it. It’s also a good idea to spread sand over your paving as opposed to salt, since it is less harmful and will still keep the area safe from ice throughout the winter.

Rain Damage

Damage to asphalt pavement can vary from project to project depending on the intensity and duration of rainfall. Coverings and side forms placed by the Contractor afford sufficient protection to unhardened concrete in some cases, but in others, the surface and edges of the pavement may erode to such an extent that repair is not possible.

Preventing paving damage from the elements is an ongoing process, but it is well worth the effort to do so. By following these simple tips, you can protect your paving from the harsh effects of winter and extend its life. Contact Ampac Paving for more information on protecting your paving. Our professional team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.