Appropriate clothing and personal gear is necessary to ensure the fullest enjoyment of your hunting adventure. Hunters in Alberta and B.C. are not required to wear Blaze Orange. The following is a list of items we would suggest you include in your gear. 

For The Hunt:

  • Rifle and 60 rounds of ammunition – We suggest at least a .264 Magnum caliber with a good variable scope. Grizzly clients should use nothing lighter than a .338 Magnum (The bigger the better).
  • Archery Clients – Bow (50 – 75 lb.) & 2 dozen arrows ( min. 24″) with one dozen broadheads ( min. 1″)
  • Binoculars – light weight (spotting scopes recommended for B.C. hunts)
  • Range Finder, trust me
  • We strongly recommend a clip magazine

Personal Items:

  • Medium weight sleeping bag (Down filled preferred) – not required for lodge accommodation
  • Wool or down filled jacket
  • 1 long sleeved heavy wool shirt and 1 long sleeved light cotton shirt
  • 2 pairs heavy duty pants ie: jeans
  • 1 pair Hiking Boots or leather boots with grip soles (well broken in)
  • 1 pair rubber boots or waterproof boots (spring bear hunt especially)
  • 1 pair camp shoes i.e.: running shoes
  • 1 cap and/or toque
  • 1 jacket or wind breaker
  • several pairs of underwear and 2 pair long underwear
  • 2 pair heavy wool socks and several pair regular socks
  • 1 good quality rain suit with hood
  • 1 knife and 1 light compass
  • 2 pair gloves
  • flashlight with spare batteries, suitable for backpacking
  • lighter or waterproof matches
  • camera and film or video with tapes and spare batteries
  • towel & facecloth
  • water canteen
  • daypack
  • personal toiletries and medication
  • mosquito repellent and head net for Spring Bear Hunts
  • duffel bag for above items and a cooler (if required) for meat and fresh hides
  • Your personal bag of tricks (calls, scents )
  • Alarm Clock

Whitetail Hunts utilize lodge or motel accommodation therefore sleeping bags are not required. You should include quality felt pack boots, a warm parka and heavy mitts. Temperatures during Alberta’s Whitetail season can drop to -30 degrees below zero!

Goat and Grizzly hunts usually involve backpacking. Bring along your favorite welded frame backpack and associated equipment. We can supply a backpack if necessary but please advise us. Top quality well broken in hiking boots (such as Meindl or “The Canadian” by Cabelas ) can make your trip more enjoyable.

Our B.C. hunts use comfortable base camp cabin facilities. Our spike camps are cabins, mobile tent camps or drum camps (drums full of required overnight equipment are placed in high altitude back country areas by helicopter).

Spring Bear Hunters and others wishing to take home meat should include a large hard walled cooler to handle fresh meat and frozen hides. Airline request! Check airline size

Travel Documents: You must have proof of citizenship, either a US passport or original or notarized copy of your birth certificates, with you while in Canada. You will also require a Cdn. hunting license.

Canada Customs and Firearm Registration: Please read “Bringing a firearm into Canada” letter available from us or call the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000 or visit www.cfc-ccaf.gc.ca for information and form 909. Please fill out form in triplicate but do not sight until you are with a Cdn. customs agent. Handguns are not allowed in Canada.

Airlines: Allow two checked bags up to 70 lbs. each. Overweight and extra bags will cost extra. Check with you airline. Taking your whole Moose home will be cost prohibitive.