ChemDry of Bloomington

chem-dry of Bloomington is the mission of the company “Chem-dry of Bloomington.” Their vision is to be the leader in green cleaning in Bloomington and surrounding areas. Our mission is helping people lead healthier lives, that begins with a clean house and healthy carpet. We provide local carpet, upholstered rug, pet stain removal, stain protector, chemical balance and health testing services.

We believe in the Chem-Dry mantra of “cleaner, drier, healthier.” Starting a Chem-Dry business has not only helped our own family and friends with the cleaning needs of their homes, it has helped many others who have moved into the area and now face tough times with mold and mildew growth. Jennifer and John are proud to be part of Bloomington’s chemical-free community. They are also proud to be an integral part in making the world a better place through teaching and inspiring others through the valuable information they provide.

The Chem-Dry Company offers professional carpet cleaners in both Bloomington and Danville, as well as services from specialty dry cleaners in other parts of the state. They are proud to work with these carpet cleaners and companies, as they work closely with each one to make sure all of the appropriate testing is done. This ensures the best protection for the environment and best cleaning of the carpets, upholstery and anything else that can be cleaned with chemicals. Chem-Dry believes in giving you the best service possible at an affordable price, and they take that commitment seriously.

One of the things they pride themselves on is being environmentally responsible. If you ever take a drive out of the Bloomington area, you can see why. Traveling through the countryside, you can see fields covered in wheat, alfalfa and corn, with entire towns built around the use of these agricultural products. You can hear the farmers speak about how polluted everything around them is, how little they are able to sell because of the chemicals, how hard their lives are without these crops, and how difficult it is to turn right onto the next tractor road, or turn left onto another road, before your vehicle is cleaned up completely.

On the other side of the issue of environmental awareness is the issue of protecting people from chemicals that are found in household cleaning solutions. Many homeowners find themselves cleaning with harsh chemicals, such as Lysol or detergents like Chlorine. In Bloomington, a city located just outside the Monroe County area, residents have found that even the popular carpet cleaner Bissell has chemicals in the products it recommends for cleaning. Customers have come forward and spoken about their experiences with this carpet cleaner. The state of California has placed a law that prohibits manufacturers from selling products that contain a specific amount of petroleum-based ingredients. This includes a list that includes a number of common carpet cleaners, including the most popular product available in Bloomington: Chem-Dry.

As one of the premier carpet cleaning companies in the region, Chem-Dry is committed to providing customers with the highest quality services available. They offer their customers an extensive carpet cleaning service and in-home consultation, along with a number of specialty services that allow them to meet customer expectations. Chem-Dry is known for their “no stain removal” guarantee, which they extend to clients that want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home or business will not be compromised by dirt or pet hair. When it comes to residential and commercial cleaning needs, no other carpet cleaning company offers as much service, nor has the same level of quality. The chemicals that are used in Bloomington include Chlorine and petroleum based cleansers; all of which are linked to health risks, especially for young children and pregnant women. While some consumers may not see any risk with using a standard carpet cleaning method, those that suffer from asthma, allergies or breathing difficulties should speak to a doctor before using any product that contains chemicals.

Chem-Dry offers their clients a number of different options for carpet stain removal, but one of their most popular is their monogrammed carpet cleaner. Many homeowners do not feel the need to get their home or business stained in order to make it look its best, but the consistent use of monogrammed carpet cleaners can help to achieve a professional and stylish appearance. Chem-Dry offers their customers the chance to choose between a monogrammed with or without color matching and numerous colors to choose from. They also offer the option to purchase a steam cleaner specifically designed for monogramming and stain removal purposes, giving homeowners an all in one solution to their problem. Stain removal can be a tricky process, so it would be wise to contact Chem-Dry or a local carpet cleaners to find out what the best removal method is for your type of stain.

Chem-Dry also offers a variety of carpet floor care products including a variety of upholstery cleaning supplies. Whether you have pets or live in a small apartment or house with little room to spare for a large carpet, you will be able to find the products to clean upholstered furniture. From there, you can focus on more serious issues, such as pet stain removal or a stubborn stain caused from pet urine. If you want to clean your entire home or business, you will be happy to know that you do not need to leave your home or office in order to get the job done. All of the cleaning solutions offered by Chem-Dry are available online, giving you the ability to shop around for the best deals and the products that best fit your needs.