Trucks are massive vehicles with much greater mass than passenger vehicles. As a result, the injuries sustained in a crash involving a large truck tend to be severe or even fatal. Truck accidents are often caused by cargo-related issues such as improper loading, shifting of loads, and unsecured items falling from the truck. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident resulting from these types of issues, you should seek the help of an experienced Cargo Truck Attorney.

Our New York City trucking accident lawyers will carefully examine your case to determine the cause of the crash. Then we will hold the truck driver and the trucking company responsible for their negligence. Truck drivers must adhere to traffic laws and the safety regulations specific to operating cargo trucks. Trucking companies must provide truck drivers with safe vehicles, adequate training and supervision, and ensure that the trucks are properly inspected and maintained. They also must not pressure truckers to violate Hours of Service Regulations or engage in unsafe practices to expedite deliveries. Finally, a trucking company must carefully screen and hire qualified truck drivers.

Unsecured or Loose Cargo

Truck drivers are trained to secure their loads, but mistakes can happen and cargo may shift during transit. This can lead to an imbalanced load, causing the truck to roll over or jackknife. It can also drop dangerous objects onto the road or strike other vehicles. This type of accident is sometimes referred to as a “cargo spill.”

A HazMat spill can harm people and cause lasting damage to property. In addition, it is expensive to clean up and could cause water and soil contamination. It is also illegal to leave a hazardous chemical spill unattended and uncontrolled.

Improper Truck Loading

Trucking companies are required to inspect their cargo and load before it is transported. They are also required to take weather conditions, road congestion, vehicle defects and other factors into account before allowing a truck to drive on the road. However, they often ignore these requirements and cut corners in order to make their delivery deadlines. This can result in a crash.

Other common causes of truck crashes include bad weather, lack of visibility, driving too fast for conditions and road construction. Our New York City truck accident attorneys search for all reasons why a truck crash occurred to show fault and recover damages for our clients.

A knowledgeable Cargo Truck Attorney can value your claim for medical expenses, lost income and earning capacity, property damage, pain and suffering and other damages. They can also understand the tactics that trucking companies and their insurance providers use to deny or settle claims quickly. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have strategies to defeat these arguments and can negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement. This includes knowing when to refuse a lowball offer from the trucking company’s insurance carrier. They will not be intimidated by these tactics and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.