Black bear hunting in Alberta, Canada
Trophy bear hunts, spring black bear rifle hunting and bowhunting in remote areas of Northeastern Alberta

We have a great history of producing big Black Bears. In fact the average bear squares at 6 feet and we always take one or two each season pushing the 8 foot mark. Our territory boasts over 20% off colour bears.

2006 was a huge success with 40 hunters shooting 54 bears. 26 percent will go Pope & Young with 6 being over 20″ and 8 being over 18″. 11 percent were coloured with some very beautiful blonds and chocolates. 

Your trip begins with a 40 mile Jet Boat ride into “Bearadise”. Camp is located thirty miles from the nearest road in Northeastern Alberta. A main lodge, sleeping cabins, gourmet meals, showers and electric power provide a very comfortable retreat. We now also offer two remote outpost camps, favoured by bow hunters. We take special pride in our camps and staff. First class and better is our standard. 

The baiting of Black Bear has been legal for several years now. This, combined with our policy of hunting previously unhunted bear areas, ensure trophy class bear for rifle and bow hunters. We believe our baits are the primary food source. We always have several baits with 10 or more bears using them. 

Travel Information
Airline arrival destination will be Fort McMurray. You will be staying overnight at the Nomad Inn, reservations will be made for you. We will pick you up the next morning and travel 1 1/2 hours by river boat to the lodge. After sighting in your bows and rifles, you will begin your hunt that evening.

Whitetail Deer Hunting & Mule Deer Hunting in Alberta, Canada offering guided trophy whitetail hunts & mule deer hunts in Alberta

whitetail deer hunting Alberta Canada
Guide Kenny holds Kevin Tombs 1999 white tail. This 6 in. base will look good in Louisiana!

Our Prime Hunting area ensures your opportunity at Trophy Whitetail. Mule Deer and Moose combo hunts are also available. 

The Borealis species of Whitetail that inhabit Alberta number approximately 150,000 head. The herd never reaches the carrying capacity of the habitat due to the long hard winters. Nature is constantly ensuring that only the strongest survive. The result is a superior herd that normally produces one Boone & Crockett book head for every 300 deer harvested. Compared to the North American average of one in a million the odds are not that bad. 

We have been guiding Whitetail hunters since 1980 with excellent results. Each November we field approximately 20 Whitetail hunters and 5 moose hunters. Over the past five years our Whitetail clients have averaged 75% success with gross average scores over 150 B & C. Every year we harvest several megabucks over 170 B&C. Over 80% of our clients return to hunt with us the following year. 

Michael H. Polaski and his guide, John, were thrilled with this monster buck. Michael’s son also took a nice buck with us

Our hunting areas are approx. 80 miles north west of Edmonton. We have Whitetail tags in Wildlife Management Units: 349, 350, 507 and 508. These are some of the best Whitetail zones in Alberta.

Our hunts include pickup and transportation to and from Edmonton. Hotel accommodation and meals in Edmonton on your arrival and departure nights are extra. Clients arrive in Edmonton Saturday. You are greeted at the hotel Sunday noon and then travel to the lodge, settle in and sight in your rifles. 

The hunt begins Monday morning. You depart for Edmonton Saturday afternoon and fly home Sunday morning. Accommodation during the hunt is at either our Lodge or Ranch House. Fabulous home cooked meals are provided. Our top notch experienced guides will employ various hunting techniques including: still hunting with rattling, stand, road and one man drives. 

Mule Deer Hunts:
In addition to your Whitetail hunt we can offer a limited supply of Mule Deer combination hunts. The Mule Deer in our areas are not as numerous at the Whitetails but we see several over 160 B& C each season.

Whitetail Deer Hunt Price & Date List
$4,500.00 US for 6 Day Hunt
$1000.00 to add mule deer to your whitetail hunt

2007 Dates 2008 Dates
November 1-30 November 1-30


  • A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.
  • $250.00 (Canadian Funds) for deer license
  • $25.00 (Canadian Funds) for wolf license
  • 5% GST on all hunts.
  • Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form must be presented in triplicate and signed in front of a Customs Officer along with a $25.00(Cdn.) fee. Click here to download the Form. The form is in PDF format and may be completed online.

The Upstate Gang returned again in 2003 and cleaned house

Read what our “Upstate Gang” had to say about their whitetail hunt…
I must tell you again, the Upstate Gang, had so damn much fun! We talk all the time about the hunt and we are all smiling.

As for Tom Simmons… well, I think the hunt reminded him of how fun things can be. It’s all he talks about anymore. Bob DeRoo, after taking a deer at 440 yards… well… we will here that story for a long, long time.

As for Danny T, two monsters in two years…we can barely contain him in July… what will we do now? And “house pass” Eric will be saving his coupons. He is so proud of his deer. 

And Doug Jones… he is undaunted… he knows the “El Grande” is out there. And for me…. heck…I enjoy the whole show with a crown and a good cigar. 

I think it is safe to say that you might as well reserve six spots the week before our Thanksgiving for the next twenty years or so. 

Please pass on to your people how much we enjoyed their company. What a group of characters you have ! Especially John… he is certifiable…. what a hoot.